CBD hemp flower is legal

The CBD , so the hemp flower or CBD cannabis hemp flower, on the contrary, is a different active substance from the THC and is chosen for very different reasons than hemp flower of THC. It can be extracted from the flowers of the cannabis sativa plant, also called industrial hemp.

The main difference, between THC hemp flower and cbd flower, therefore, is in the psychoactivity of the hemp flower. This makes the former intended for therapeutic uses and is illegal in many countries due to psychotropic effects. While CBD hemp flower is legal and has many beneficial uses.

It has no contraindications and can be taken daily in moderate doses.

Marijuana hemp flower, THC hemp flower, Hashish hemp flower

These terms indicate a semi-solid product made from the resin of the cannabis, marijuana or hashish plant. It is not an hemp flower in the proper sense, therefore, but an hemp flower resin .

They are extremely concentrated to ensure the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The characteristic of these hemp flowers is the presence of high levels of THC and they can be used for medical or recreational purposes . They are applied locally, by vaporization or consumed orally.

These are products that can only be purchased by presenting the medical prescription and, according to law 94/98, the prescription is not repeatable.

THC hemp flower has a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol and is extracted from high quality raw materials, subjected to strict controls. The plants are specially selected and allow to obtain a pure product.

These hemp flowers can only be used on medical indication , in cases of serious and extremely painful diseases. It is generally used to reduce the effects of anti-cancer therapies or severe neurological pain. Check out the Website to know more.