Casino Etiquette 101: 12 Basic Casino Rules You Should Follow

Casino Etiquette 101 12 Basic Casino Rules You Should Follow - Casino Etiquette 101: 12 Basic Casino Rules You Should Follow

Casinos are made for fun and enjoyment because of the different kinds of games. It is also an arena for people to socialize with each other. But it’s not like any open area with zero rules. There are certain protocols that are being observed by casino-goers.

Check this casino etiquette 101 of the basic rules and norms that every guest should follow:


Know the Rules

It is a standard rule that every gambler should know the rules and the mechanics of casino games before they start playing. Remember that your opponents are competitive. Make sure you have learned more than enough.


Respect Other’s Personal Space

Socialization is part of the casino. However, respect for other’s personal space should be observed. This can be applied in smoking. As a smoker, you should be considerate of non-smokers and other people who cannot tolerate cigarette smoke.


Turn off Smartphones

If you take your phones with you, remember to turn them off. It is considered rude when smartphones start ringing while you are in the middle of the game.


No Selfies

Taking pictures is strictly prohibited inside the casino. According to, most casinos restrict guests to take photos of the gaming floor. Moreover, the privacy of the gamblers inside is being respected by casinos.


Dress Appropriately

Various casinos have their different dress codes. It is important that you check their standards before going to the casino. The basic attire for men and women is to look smart and professional. Of course, deadly weapons are not allowed.


Drink Responsibly

All kinds of drinks are available inside the casino. But drinking responsibly and moderately should be observed. Most unwanted behaviors are triggered by drunkenness. Moreover, if you want to play on the right mind, then consider not being drunk throughout the game.


Listen to the Dealer

Dealers provide instructions for the game. It is a must that you pay attention to them. This is also a sign of your respect.


Hands off the Cards & Bets

When you are on the table, it is a must that you keep your hands off the cards. More importantly, do not touch the wagers or the bets. You can be accused of cheating or stealing for doing this. Expect a verbal warning from the dealer if you don’t follow these.


Don’t Lecture Players

Every player has their unique strategies and tactics in playing the game. Do not act like you know everything. Let them play their own games.


Don’t Ask the Dealer for Advice

Dealers are there to facilitate the game. Do not ask them for any advice. They refrain from engaging in the game to avoid being blamed for both wins and losses.


Tipping is a Norm

Tip the dealers and the employees. It is a sign of your small gratitude to them. Do not be pressured on giving a huge tip. $1 for every small win is enough.


Keep Composure

Control both your temper and your excitement to yourself. They can be really annoying for most players.

We hope that this refresher reminds you how to behave in the casino.



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