10 Steps to Become a Professional Poker Player

10 Steps to Become a Professional Poker Player - 10 Steps to Become a Professional Poker Player

Poker is fun! But it takes the right technique and strategy to win this card game. Expert poker players have gone through a lot of stages before they became professional. Apart from mastering the basics, the experience is the key. They have encountered different opponents with different gaming styles.

For you to become a professional poker player, consider these ten steps:


Research and Understand Poker

The first step you need to do is to do a research about poker. It is very important that you know and understand the rules. You can read books, watch YouTube tutorial videos, or go for Poker coaching sessions.


Choose the Right Version

There are different versions and variation of poker games. It is best for you to choose the right version that suits your preference, skills, and style of gaming. The most popular version of poker out there is the Texas Hold ‘Em.


Play the Winning Hands

Avoid trying to play every hand. As much as possible, be choosy. Select the hands that you are going to play and the right time to fold. You cannot win every game. So it is best for you to choose carefully to save a lot of money.


Bluff if Needed

Bluffing is a poker strategy that is used by professionals. However, they are only used in certain conditions. Beginners tend to overuse this and end up losing. To know more about the dos and don’ts of bluffing, check out this article.


Manage your Bankroll

Knowing how to manage a bankroll is one of the key traits of every successful poker pro. The bankroll is the fund you use in order to gamble. Effective bankroll management requires strategic reduction of losses and management of winnings.


Pay Attention to the Cards

Pay attention to the cards that are being dealt face-down or face-up. Make sure that you keep track on the cards of the player and yourself.


Observe Other Players

Every player has their strategic way of playing poker. They have certain tactics and techniques. As a pro player, be mindful of their actions. This will help you to predict their future responses and actions in playing poker.


Leave Dramas at Home

This is one of the most important steps – leave all your dramas at home. Do not gamble if you have problems in the house, at work or in anything. In gambling, you will not succeed if you are not in your right mind.


Drink Responsibly

According to some casinos, most poker players lose because they drunk-play. Like driving, being drunk is a no-no in playing poker. Aside from it can reduce your normal brain functioning, it can also trigger misbehaviors which is basically unruly. The biggest losers in gambling attribute drunkenness as the reason why they fail big time.


Practice Self-Control

Again, do not try too hard to win. If you feel like you are no longer winning consecutively, tell yourself to stop. Practice self-control. One of the most common mistakes of poker players is chasing for all their losses.



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