Around the eyes, you should avoid some techniques of eyebrow hair removal

As one of your most prominent facial features, your eyebrows are undoubtedly one of the most noticeable. If you wish to enhance their shape, you can remove brow hairs from their roots to achieve https://www.lorennaaraujo.com/brow-tweeze smoother, longer-lasting results. Epilation is defined as the process of removing hair from the face. While waxing is a mainstay of salons, threading has become increasingly popular in Western countries. However, it’s been used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Among the most important factors to consider are time, effectiveness, and risk of side effects when deciding which is better for brows, waxing or threading. A cloth strip is placed firmly on top of the https://www.lorennaaraujo.com/brow-tweeze waxed eyebrows in the opposite direction the hair grows. Once the strip is firmly on top, the cloth is quickly removed in the opposite direction. In the eyebrow hair removal world, threading has become popular.


Threading involves wrapping each hair around two long, twisted threads, which are ripped out, similarly to plucking. You can save time by waxing your eyebrows in the short term, but plucking them with tweezers will last much longer.

It is possible to get them tweezed by an esthetician, but if you choose to do them yourself at home, pick one hair at a time in the direction it grows. Alternatively, you may want to pencil in your desired eyebrow shape to prevent overplucking.

Both threading and tweezing involve plucking your hair out. However, with threading, the hairs are pulled out simultaneously, while with tweezing, one hair can be pulled out at a time.