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Selling price: how to establish it

Then comes the time to establish an adequate selling price , proportional to the state of the house and the trend of the offer on the market. You can find information in this regard by consulting the  OMI (Real Estate Market Observatory) portal , but to establish a sale price in line with the market it is also useful to keep an eye on the real estate announcements in your reference area, in order to an idea of ​​the proposed prices.

How to best promote the house to sell it

At this point the owner who intends to sell his property will have to take care of  creating an attractive advertisement , publish it on the various portals and promote it, always bearing in mind that it is a very competitive market

The administration of references and the choice of proposals obtained should not be minimized , as you can drive the hazard of spending moment with civilization who are not truly enthusiastic in buying. If and when an investment proposal enters, the holder will have to get ready all the huge documentation on his own before leaving to the notary to regularize the approval.

What documents are required to sell a house privately?

sell the house

If and when a purchase proposal arrives, the owner will have to prepare all the vast documentation on his own before going to the notary to formalize the agreement. Among the documents that must not be missing are:

The deed of provenance of the property

The cadastral survey and planimetry

The enabling building title

Certificates of practicability or habitability

The condominium regulation

The valid energy performance certificate in original copy.

Why expert support is important

Certainly, not having to consider the real estate agency’s commissions may seem like a convenient decision to reduce expenses, but it is essential to consider several points.

The major part, selling a home intimately means understanding in deep the dynamics that legislate the real estate demand, particularly if you don’t need to run into immediate incidents and sell your house at a sufficient rate and within an acceptable duration frame. Having the support of professionals able to accompany the owner in all phases of the sale is certainly a plus that can make the difference.