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Buying a House: The Importance of Title Insurance

If you are considering purchasing a home, it is important to know how the title insurance process works. Title insurance protects homeowners from large financial losses in the event of errors in a title search. It is also an important part of the mortgage process. If you need to sell your house quickly, can provide you with a fast and efficient solution.

Here are the advantages of using title insurance before you purchase a home:

The cost of title insurance is often minimal

The costs of title insurance vary according to the amount of coverage you need, the type of title on your document, and how quickly you need it. However, it’s usually less expensive than other types of insurance. A typical policy provides for coverage for about $250,000.

Your agent will ensure that you are covered

Most residential real estate agents are equipped to handle legal matters like title searches, but they won’t be familiar with every state’s laws. It’s also important to understand how a title search will be handled in the event of an error, since mistakes can be costly. That’s where your real estate agent becomes invaluable.

It can help you avoid problems with lenders and other parties from the get-go

If there is a discrepancy between the name on your property and the deed, then it could create problems when you apply for a mortgage and your lender verifies the necessary information with a title company. Title insurance can help you avoid any problems by insuring all parties involved in the transaction. In addition, title insurance can protect you from expensive lawsuits in case a future buyer discovers a problem with your title.

The policy may be transferable to future homeowners and buyers

The cost of title insurance is often transferred to subsequent homeowners, so odds are that it will not be more than the cost of annual renewals.

selling your house

The policy will cover potential issues concerning private easements and mortgages on the property

Title insurance is not always enough to cover defects in certain types of real estate. You need to know that the policy will protect you against problems with other people’s mortgages, such as those on easements and recreational property.

It can ensure that public property or government records are properly recorded

The property’s boundaries and other information regarding the state can be recorded with a government agency, but mistakes are often made. These are the types of errors that can create problems when you sell or mortgage your home.