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Things You Need To Know About Before Buying Chocolates Online Here In Singapore

Chocolate is a beverage that has been derived by roasting and grounding the cacao seed. The history of chocolate is early as 4000 years ago. The cocoa plant was discovered by the Mesoamericans. The Olmec were the first civilization here in this region who showed people how to turn the cocoa plant seed kernels into a chocolate liquid which is used as a beverage for royalty, used as a beverage during rituals, and as a source of medicine. Later the area of the Mesoamericans came to be known as Mexico. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will get to know about singapore chocolate online which means you will get guidance on which ways to buy online chocolates from the website of Laurent Bernard, a handmade chocolate-making company based in Singapore and was established in 2006.


Process of creating dark chocolate and milk chocolate-

  • The main ingredient for creating dark chocolate is cacao fruit which is big and filled with slimy seed kernels. This kernel is the main ingredient.
  • The best quality cacao fruits are grown near the equator region which has high climatic temperatures and high rainfall
  • When the cacao fruits are red or yellow that means they are ripe and are handpicked so that the young unripe cacao pods don’t get damaged.
  • Just cut the outer covering and remove the gluey seeds.
  • Remove the white pulp, dry up the seeds in the open air for the gluey substance to stiffen, and place the seeds in a bowl covered with a thick towel so that the outside temperature does not penetrate and the bowl remains quite warm so that the seeds get fermented for 7 days.
  • Once the seeds are fermented they are roasted at 400℃ for 12 minutes in an oven.
  • Cool it down and peel out the seed shells.
  • Crush the cacao seeds as per your requirement like if you want only dark chocolate then apply only coconut oil and sugar to it and if you wanted to make milk chocolate then add milk powder, coconut oil, and sugar.

Process of creating white chocolate-

  • Cacao beans are extracted from the Cacao pod and then dried up.
  • The beans are roasted at 400℃ for 12 minutes and then the shells are removed.
  • Don’t throw out the shells as this contains about 54% to 58% of cacao butter.
  • Ground the shells to a fine powder and heat it to make chocolate liquor.
  • This liquor is pressed and pulled so that the butter floats on top of the liquid forming a cacao fat or cacao butter.
  • Now the chocolatiers melt this butter and generously add milk powder, vanilla seeds from the vanilla pod, and sugar to it to create the finest white chocolate.
  • To make it richer in taste they add flavors like ginger, cinnamon, etc.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article depicts the way to create chocolate both dark and white.